Become A Retailer

Vitamin Injections London Welness is set to take the UK by storm. Now, you can benefit from our vitamin nutrient therapy treatments at Vitamin Injections London's clinics, and at the same time, stock up on our efficient skin patches range in Oxygen Boutique and at The Jewellery Channel, where we retail our full line of VIL Wellness products all year round!

Business owners and professionals in the health, beauty and wellness spheres are eligible to retail VIL Wellness products. Get in touch with us and apply to join our retailer programme.


Our VIL Wellness range is available at Oxygen Boutique and TJC. .

Save time, save money.

Get up to 25% off by subscribing to monthly deliveries of Vitamin Skin Patches or Glutathione Patches with Vitamin Injections London Wellness