Are my online payments processed securely?

Yes. Every time you check out, your personal data is encrypted and sent over a secure connection to our server.


What are back order items?

An item that is temporarily out of stock has been ordered from our supplier but has not yet arrived at our warehouse. Even though the item is out of stock, you may add it to your shopping cart. If you order contains both in-stock and out-of-stock items, we will ship the in-stock items righ away, generally within 24 hours of your order. The out-of-stock items will ship as soon as they become available. If you would like your entire order held until all items are available, please specify this in the Comments field of the Checkout page.


How do I change my currency?

Select your preferred currency in the top right navigation menu. Vitamin Injections London are located in the UK and retail internationally. Our standard processing currency is therefore USD.


Can I retail Vitamin Injections London products in my own practice?

Yes. If you are a therapist, skin care practitioner or medical professional in the UK, you can open a partner account with us. Please email info@vitamininjections.co.uk for more information.


Are Vitamin Injections London products animal friendly?

Absolutely! Our products are never tested on animals.


What are the percentage strengths of the ingredients in your products?

Vitamin Injections London products indicate the percentage strength of active compounds wherever applicable.


How to use Glutathione Vitamin Suppositories & What to Expect?

To self-administer a Glutathione Vitamin suppository, one must ensure hand hygiene before proceeding to uncover the wrapping. After assuming a relaxed and comfortable position in which the anal muscles are not strained, the suppository is gradually pushed into the anal canal with the pointed side going in first. It is easier to insert after a bath or in conjunction with a suppository applicator. 

The process must be done gently without force. It is also advised to administer a suppository when there is no urgency of using the toilet in order to allow the drug to be absorbed properly.

Please store the Suppositories packet in a cool and dry place so that they retain their firmness.

It is normal for individuals to experience an urge to defecate and/or slight leakage or irritation due to the oily nature of suppositories. It is therefore advised to use them before bed or when there’s no need to go out.

Although there are no serious side effects, pregnant women and lactating mothers must consult their physician before use. Those taking vitamin C supplements might need to increase their dosage whilst using Glutathione Vitamin Suppositories.

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