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“…Estelle hails the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of D3, otherwise known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’. Darker skin tones have more difficulty obtaining the benefits of vitamin D but slow-release adhesive skin patches provide 12 hours of continuous D3 supplementation, delivered directly into the bloodstream.”

FEATURED IN Women's Running UK - Lifestyle - Health

“...Put on a patch - unlike oral tablets that only deliver up to 15 per cent of vitamins, these discreet Vitamin Injections London Vitamin B12 Patches delivers 90% of vitamins directly into the bloodstream…”

FEATURED IN OK! Magazine UK – Kate Lawler & Alison Hammond’s VIL experience

“…I need a vitamin injection as I’m lacking energy,” says Alison, who has become famed for her hilarious A-list interviews and gaffes on This Morning. Procedure starts from £55 and Alison is first up. She opts for the Baby Face, Pick Me Up and Lipo Blast Injections to speed up metabolism and help weight loss…”

FEATURED IN Style Bham Online - Q&A with Bianca Estelle, Founder of Vitamin Injections London

“...Vitamin Injections are an alternative and superior way to ensure that your body receives the nutrients you want it to receive. Injections are delivered either intravenously or intramuscularly and 99.9% of the ingredients reach the bloodstream, where they can get to work quickly and efficiently…”

FEATURED IN Top Sante UK - Healthy Happier Hair

“...Patch It Up - packed with essential nutrients, the Hair & Nail Patches by Vitamin Injections London deliver vitamins through your skin to ensuring more than 90 per cent of the ingredients reach your bloodstream…”

FEATURED IN Refinery29 UK - ‘Beauty Patches’ Promise Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails. But Are They Just Another Gimmick?

“...I was intrigued by the Hair & Nails patches by Vitamin Injections, which combine vitamins B12 and B6 as well as biotin and folic acid, components said to help with skin, hair and nail maintenance…” Read more

FEATURED IN Vogue UK - How to Feel Good

“…Stuck On You - Vitamin infusions are commonplace for boosting mood and immunity. Now, for a more practical approach, there are at-home patches. Vitamin Injections London B Complex Patches, £50 for 32, slow-release B12 into your blood-stream to improve energy levels…”

FEATURED IN Top Sante UK - Outside-In Vits

“…There’s a new way to take your vits; via patches. These discreet Vitamin Injections London Vitamin Patches deliver 90 per cent of their vitamin content directly into your bioodstream, making them more effective some oral vitamin. Choose from B12, B Complex and D3…”

FEATURED IN Women’s Running UK - Lifestyle - Health

“…VI Vitamin B12 Patches - Slow release adhesive skin patches, providing 12 hours of continuous vitamin B12 supplementation delivered directly to the bloodstream - perfect for improving your health, mood and energy levels from the inside out…”

FEATURED IN DLUXE UK - Take a Shot Vitamin Injections

“…The treatment was surprisingly quick and pain free and I was back at my desk just over an hour later with no side effects that would put me off having it again. In the days following I did notice I had more energy in my day, and drive at the gym which was refreshing…”