February 25, 2018

FEATURED IN THE SUN ON SUNDAY UK – You Health with Jane Atkinson

“…Patches: A mere 15 percent of the vitamin power of pills is absorbed because of the way we digest things. But with Vitamin Injections’ skin patches around 90 per cent of that goes directly into the bloodstream…"
February 25, 2018

FEATURED IN FABULOUS MAG UK – Genius Ways to Boost Your Brainpower

“…Patch it Up. Glutathione, found in most of our cells, is known as the “master antioxidant”, fighting damage and acting like the body’s rust preventer…”
February 24, 2018

AHLAN P MAGAZINE (UAE) – Vitamin Boost

”…Need a vitamin boost? Vitamin Injections London has released convenient patches that get the job done in record time…”
February 15, 2018

FEATURED IN 1883 MAGAZINE UK – February’s Pick Me Up

"As we age our natural levels of glutathione decrease, causing everything from eye problems to lethargy..."
February 3, 2018

FEATURED IN HEALTHY LIVING LONDON – Tried & Tested: Vitamin Injections London

“…I was really impressed by Bianca’s knowledge, passion and treatments at Vitamin Injections London. The injections are a considerable investment, but are also highly effective. I truly believe that our health is out greatest wealth and will always seek to invest in this as much as I can…”
February 2, 2018


”…Need a vitamin boost? Vitamin Injections London has released convenient patches that get the job done in record time…”
January 23, 2018

FEATURED IN GQ MAGAZINE UK – 6 Best Grooming Products In The World This Week

“Get uplifted this week with the Glutathione patches from Vitamin Injections London. Their transdermal patches deliver high dosages of vitamins and minerals into the blood stream to help to boost your immune system. Made with the 'mother of all antioxidants' Glutathione and Vitamin C, these patches are a great way to start your day and fend off the effects of winter."
January 11, 2018

FEATURED IN POPSUGAR FITNESS MIDDLE EAST – Why It’s Time to Start Stocking Vitamin Suppositories in Your Bathroom

"...Seeing as glutathione fights free radical damage as well as viruses and bugs, it's no wonder I was feeling healthier after just a couple of weeks. It's recommended that people do it every other night in their first week before increasing to every evening from the second..."
January 7, 2018

FEATURED IN MOJEH MAGAZINE (UAE) – 12 New Beauty Commandments

"...10. Take your Vitamins: A new wave of good-for-you products have the beauty world buzzing, promising to improve everything from hair health to skin hydration, alongside providing an instant boost in energy. Wellness brands such as Vitamin Injections London are opting for more unlikely methods to provide your vitamin fix through products like their Vitamin B12 Patches..."