October 26, 2017

FEATURED IN STYLENEST.CO.UK – Are Your Hands Ageing You?

"...Baby Skin Mesotherapy, these tiny injections, which you can experience at Vitamin Injections London, send hyaluronic acid – essential to elasticity, moisture and youthfulness – right where it’s needed, to plump the skin (minimising the prominence of veins) and boost collagen production..."
October 25, 2017

FEATURED IN EXPRESS.CO.UK – Heart Disease: This Injection Is ‘Seven Times’ More Preventative Than Supplements

'Bianca Estelle, founder of Glutathione Wellness Injections, said: “Glutathione occurs naturally in the body, and can be found in leafy greens such as spinach and kale”'
October 25, 2017

FEATURED IN KEEP IT SIMPLE ELLE – Elle About Town: Vitamin Injections London

"...For example, when we pop an iron pill only a certain amount of it actually makes it to your bloodstream so why not just bypass the digestive system altogether... with an IV (intravenous) injection. Now, it’s not quite like you see on TV where you’re hooked up to a huge bag and have to sit there for hours on end with it dripping into your bloodstream!..."
October 12, 2017

FEATURED IN FRUK MAGAZINE – Discover Superior Vitamin Absoprtion With These Innovative Vitamin Patches

"Should you be lacking in energy and feel your supplements are not doing their job, we have the perfect solution: Vitamin Patches by Vitamin Injections London ensure you receive the full benefits from your supplement."
October 7, 2017


"Our Baby Face IV treatment contains high levels of Vitamin C, which helps prevent free radical damage and is also key in the formation of collagen."
October 1, 2017


"Vitamin B12 Skin Patches for £49.99"
September 24, 2017

FEATURED IN BEAUTY ROCKS – Feel Good Beauty, Top Picks

"I have three different patches and have been using Vitamin B12 which helps to improve energy and decrease fatigue and I have to say after the shoulder experiment I am impressed indeed! A great energy solution for those on-the-go."
September 1, 2017

FEATURED IN NOTEBOOK (MIRROR SUNDAY MAGAZINE) – Don’t Get Behind When Taking Your Vitamins…

"Its new DIY suppositories deliver a back-door dose of 'the mother of all antioxidants’, glutathione, which claims to boost detoxing, fight ageing and help protect against diseases like..."
August 11, 2017

FEATURED IN HARPER’S BAZAAR UK – The pop-up: Vitamin Injections London at Pikes

"We will be opening our vitamin injections pop up clinic at the hotel, offering an array of their most popular health-boosting injections such as the Pick Me Up and the B12 Energy Shot."