June 11, 2020


...If you don’t want to get your vitamins via IV infusion and you don’t want to take oral supplements, Vitamin Injections London has a range of skin patches you can whack on instead.
May 17, 2020

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"With lots of us spending much more time indoors, it's crucial we still get adequate amounts of vitamin D
May 17, 2020

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"Vitamin D3 Skin Patches deliver the vitamin directly through your skin via a small patch
May 14, 2020

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“…Taking your vitamin D supplements transdermally (via the skin) or as mouth sprays, means that most...
April 28, 2020

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"Vitamin Injections London offer IVC in dosages ranging from 1000-10000mg
April 16, 2020

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The truth about vitamin D, as featured in Grazia.
April 3, 2020

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Bianca Estelle: "Vitamin C is essential to the normal functioning of the immune system
March 31, 2020

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CBD treatments, as featured in Luxury Lifestyle Magazine.
March 20, 2020

FEATURED IN Wellness Edit – Vitamin D Supplements

"Not all supplements are created equal and to help ensure the best efficacy, Vitamin Injections London offer Vitamin D in patch form."